Jira for Tickets Integration (not just conversations)

  • 18 January 2024
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Hi Team

I have been testing the integration of Jira into Intercom.   I can see that the integration is for conversations, however not tickets?  

Currently when a user reports a bug, we create a ticket tracker that can have multiple conversations associated.  We would love to see this ticket tracer then been linked to Jira, so the development team can work on it, and only have one touch point in Jira

Currently, if 5 customers report the same bug, it means 5 Jira Bug reports, when it is actually only one for the development team.

How does everyone handle this? Besides manually. 

Thanks in advance 

Kurtis (Australia)


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Hi @Kurtis Meyer !

What Jira integration are you using? Our new Jira for Tickets integration is designed to work with Intercom Tickets for creating new Tickets in Jira when they are created in Intercom. You can read up on how that integration works in our article here. The integration works for Tracking Tickets the same way that it works with back-office and customer-facing tickets. You’ll just need to make sure you have set up the ticket mapping requirements in the Integration’s set up page in our App Store.


Hi @Jacob Cox 

Thanks for the info, I have installed the Jira Tickets App and it is working as expected. 

Appreciate your help

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Great to hear, @Kurtis Meyer ! Thanks for the update!

Hi @Kurtis Meyer 

I’ve got the same query as you and I’m using “Jira for Tickets” (Intercom tickets) as well as “Jira Cloud” (Intercom conversations).

When I view a Jira ticket that is linked to an Intercom ticket, I cannot see the Intercom ticket within Jira.

Jira ticket only shows me related Intercom conversations - not tickets.

Is the same true for you or have you managed to get the Jira ticket to show you the related Intercom ticket?


Ben (also from AU)