Slack Convert / Intercom Convert - deprecated?

  • 11 January 2024
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Hi Intercom,

Our team has been using the Slack Convert app (app_package_code=slack-by-intercom) installed five years ago, and we have used it to notify 'User created' and 'All conversation activity.' We are now trying to migrate all of our services to another Slack workspace, and it seems that Slack Convert is no longer available to be installed.

There is an alternative Slack app (app_package_code=slack-for-intercom) that I was able to set up to notify when a customer or team member sends any messages via automations. However, it seems it does not have a 'User created' equivalent


Is there any way I can send 'User created' events to Slack directly via Intercom? Thanks




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Hey @Filipe Miguel Monteiro, Bernice here from the Support Engineering team at Intercom🔧

The Slack Convert app has been depreciated. The Slack app for Intercom has replaced this and is available on the Advanced & Expert plans.

Notifications can be sent public or private Slack channel where you'd like to receive notifications. You'll find more on this in this article from our Help Center 📌

At the moment, there isn’t an exact equivalent trigger for when a user is created in a workflow - I’m going to pass this over to the team to be treated as a feature request.

Hope this helps! 

Thanks Bernice, I was able to work around it using Zapier integrations