Why is there still no way to send a outbound message trough whatsapp?

  • 26 July 2023
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Hello guys,

I read a little bit trough the community and the weird thing is how many cases their are about outbounding messages in whatsapp.


And i think i speak for a lot of people here and thats just a shame for such a good developed platform not be able to send a whatsapp message to the customer. And even if i wanted to start a conversation from the dashboard i could not even send a message like: Hey “Customer name”, Because variables are not supported……. And don’t let me start about that whatsapp is a PAID add-On.


And then i tought maybe it’s just the UI that does not support it. And i looked at the developpers page to send a message trough API.  And it’s not available even their, how much work would it be just to add a option to send it trough whatsapp programatically WITH variables.
You already have the API?
You could already send a outbound Whatsapp message trough the dashboard?


And now i am just stuck, because i cannot connect two partners to my whatsapp account. I cannot recieve messages trough intercom and send them trough something else….. (Not that, that would be the easiest thing)


A platform thats far less developed has even these basic features build in.
I would say if your whatsapp add-On is nearly fully completed, i am sorry, not even completed for 50% then don’t ask any money for it.


Any one any idea how i could initiate messages to my leads or customer??

1 reply

Sorry, but I need to agree 100% here @Intercom. Not supporting variables in Message Templates is such a big blocker and really makes this integration close to not useable for many support cases. Every single 20 bucks a month support software can handle that, WhatsApp supports it, there is just no reason why Intercom does not. 

Can you please any insight with us, why maybe the decision fell against integrating this or what is really the problem? Cheers Philipp