Can I assign a conversation based on the article suggestions bot firing?

  • 21 January 2021
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When a user uses "offer additional help", I want to specify to whom it should be assigned. Can we?


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@user407​ You might be able to do this with an inbox automation. Not sure if "when A customer sends any reply" or "A customer starts a new conversation" is the correct filter. Just make sure that you use your help center URL 😉 Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-21 um 09.51.44

Aaah! Wonderful!

I'll try this.thank you!​


Hi @kevin b​ , Actually this will transfer hole conversations opened from the help center to a specific team or teammate.

As I see @user407​ looking for a solution to assign bad rate article conversations to a specific team.


It's not currently possible to assign such conversations to a specific team or teammate, you can request this to a @Product Wishlist​ group.

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@thomas c11 OLD​ Suggested something similar to me this week, I'm eager to try this --- I was disappointed with Response Bots that don't seem to take action on a response from an article :(


My original hope was that it could jump into action if an article wasn't solving the issue, for example a reply that needed attributes to power a valuable response can be created in the Articles area because even for logged in users it doesn't support attributes (why not???? Seems like a real missed opportunity here -- could I show what plan someone is on if I could use a variable i.e. Included in your plan)


Let me know how this works for you, I'll try to report back as well as I get some setup.

I see. Thank you very much. So everyone who comes from the help center, not just those who gave bad reviews, will be classified into this team.

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@roy s11​ Good point