Can I tag articles?

  • 21 September 2020
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Is there any function for tagging articles? We're updating designs, and want to edit/retire certain articles after the designs are complete and rolled out. Collections doesn't quite cover this, as the collection would be "things to edit later."


For example, we'd like to have the usual collections like "getting started" and "troubleshooting" – there are articles that would be in both of those collections that we know we will need to edit, and instead of going through all our articles, we'd like to find them quickly, edit, and be done.


I'm a n00b to intercom, but the searching I've done, I can't really see a great way to do it, unless we "self tag" by adding a code in the articles themselves that we can search (if the search is a meta search, that is. I presume an admin can do a meta search). Thanks!


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Hi @christine m​ ,

Currently, it's not possible to tag the article or assign them to more than one Collection. 

You can submit this request to @Product Wishlist​ and someone from the Intercom product team will catch this feedback.


In the meanwhile, I'm suggesting to design your article correctly to avoid adding it on two separate collections. 

Insert troubleshooting At the bottom of the article page or link different articles.



There is a nice blog post created by Intercom, there everything about building self-service portal::>




Thanks, Roy!

About admins searching, do you know if we added a code at the bottom of three articles, say "142" that meant nothing to anyone but the admins, could the admins search "142" and get the three articles as search results?


@christine m​ , Yes, That will work 😎