Hey guys,

  • 16 September 2020
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Hey guys,


I'm a user engagement specialist at a SaaS freight company called WebCargo, helping freight forwarders find the best price to make a shipment. Interested to hear if anyone is in a similar sector?


I have used Intercom for the last 8 months and have benefited from using a load of features such as Product Tours, automated bots and the knowledge base.


Looking forward to chatting!


2 replies

Welcome to Interconnected @joe m11​ 👋 Make sure to update your nickname on your profile page so we can get to know you better. I don't think we have any other Connectors in your exact industry but we have a lot of folks in SaaS businesses who will undoubtedly have lots of knowledge to share with you 😊

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Hey there @joe m11​, welcome to the community! Love to hear that Product Tours and bots are helping you out - did you see that you can link them together with Series, our latest launch?