How to remove the login page for Help Center?

  • 30 September 2020
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I added a login page for testing purpose, now I want to remove it but received this error

"Please enter the URL for your login link"


How do I remove the login page?



Best answer by Eric Fitz 30 September 2020, 15:38

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Hello @user346​ , Congratulations, You found a bug :D


I Also tried now and it's not possible to disable it :/


meanwhile, you can make all articles to the public (accessible for all users, visitors, and leads).


I will tag this post to @Intercom Bug Reports​.


@eric f11​.



oh, haha. 😆

Hmm, I guess there is no workaround then. Thanks for the reply, Roy. Will I receive any update on this issue when it is fixed?

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Hey @user346​, can I ask you to report this in our @Intercom Bug Reports​ group, please?


When you're reporting it, can you please outline for me, step-by-step, how you arrived at this bug, please? That'll help me replicate it on my end and record it with our engineers!

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Hey @user346​, an update for you here - provided that none of your articles are set to "private", none of your customers or folks viewing your Help Center will be directed to your login page. This is a confusing UX, though, because it appears that the login page is turned "on" at all times.


The workaround here is to ensure that none of your individual articles are set to "private".


I've surfaced the feedback about the UX to the team responsible for the Help Center!

Hi Eric, thanks for your reply. But, emm.. actually, all my articles are only visible to users - I guess that will make them "private".

For me, even I logged in, my Help Center still doesn't recognize me as a user, but the Messager does, is it another bug? Or is it because of something special about the private articles?


Here is the Help Center landing page after I login.screenshot


@user346​ , Can you confirm that the custom domain CNAME record has been configured and you are accessing from


Keep in mind that it will not work if you are accessing from 

Hi Roy, yes I can confirm we are accessing the help center from custom domain.