Is it possible to add keywords or hashtags into Help Center articles? (more visibility)

  • 15 October 2020
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I would like to know if it's possible to add some keywords or hashtags within Help Center articles that they can be found more easily. I'd be happy to hear any other trick to increase the visibility and efficiency of articles in the way that they are found.


Thanks in advance!




Best answer by Kevin Bendixen 16 October 2020, 11:20

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@josselin​ To my knowledge there is no option to add hashtags to articles.

If you want to make sure your articles are found when a user searches for a specific keyword your best option is to follow basic SEO strategies:

  • Include the most relevant keywords in the title (but make sure that it's still understandable for humans 😉 )
  • Use the description of the article
  • Include keywords in H1 and H2 headlines
  • Include keywords in you ALT-Tags for images

Another thing we did is, if we find there are search terms that show no result (check your reports for that) because it's not the keyword we optimized for, we add those keywords at the bottom of the article as a code-snippet

Hey @kevin b​ thanks a lot for your precise answer! It's well appreciated.


Can you give me a little bit more context for your last tips regarding adding some code-snippet directly at the bottom of your articles? How do you do it exactly? I talked with a dev at Wooclap and he was a bit confused as well on how to do it properly if we understood you well.


Which article on Papershift's Help Center uses this tips for instance?


Thanks a lot already! 🙌



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@josselin​ Sure thing.

It sounds more complicated than it is. I'll attach a screenshot on how to do it in the editor.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-16 um 15.06.05An example would be this article: (only the German version)

You could also add a divider at the end of the article and add more keywords, but I prefer the code-thing as it is formatted different from the normal text and so the reader won't be as confused by it.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @kevin b​ it's indeed what we thought but I was wondering if I was not missing something more custom/dev ;)

thanks again for considering my question. I hope all is good on your side at Papershift!



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Always happy to help.