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  • 25 August 2021
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A customer just wrote into our support team indicating that she was looking at an article that said it was last updated "about a week ago" or whatever language Intercom uses. Has anyone else gotten customer complaints about this? After discussing internally with our support team, I know there haven't been substantial updates made to that article in definitely more than a week.


I understand this general time frame is a good bandaid and fail safe for me who doesn't have the opportunity to update something that frequently, but it does seem to be a bit over exaggerated to the point that I'm not even sure it's useful.


Instead, could this feature be removed? Could it be updated to be more accurate? Could there be a date and timestamp put on it instead?


I'm curious to see how others feel about this too! 😀


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2 replies

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Hello @leah l11​ 👋, You raised such a good topic, I wanted also to post about this (Good Catch) 🙏


Mostly if the article is updated Today, Yesterday - Intercom showing this;

After one week ago - Updated over a week ago;


And that's is 🧐Giving customers exact update dates will be much helpful than just over a week ago.


I hope someone from the Intercom product team will catch this feedback @Product Wishlist​ .


I’d love to see the article last updated date be the exact date as well. This is super helpful for users. Zendesk and Helpscout both work this way, for what it’s worth.