Opening the messenger chat widget via a link in an article in our Help center

  • 13 February 2024
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I would like to be able to add a link in one of our articles in the Help center (created in Intercom) that can say “Contact support” if you have more questions. When people click it I would like the link to open the chat widget, instead of adding a “mailto” link. This would work similar as the Javascript API would work in our own app. But since the Help center is hosted and build with Intercom I was wondering if there was a supported way. Am I missing something? Tried searching, couldn’t find this. 


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Hey @Luis Rodriguez 👋 

There isn't a direct way to trigger the Messenger from a link within a Help Center article itself, however there is a couple of workarounds you can use - One alternative is to set up a Workflow that starts in the Messenger when a customer clicks on a certain element of the page, but this won't open a chat once the customer clicks on the article. Another option is to send customers a link to your Help Center and have the Messenger open automatically when your website loads, using the Javascript method Intercom('show').

You also have the option of collecting reactions to your articles. If a customer reacts negatively to an article, you can immediately send an automatic reply, which opens up the conversation and gives you a second chance to resolve their problem. Your team can then make quick changes to the article based on this feedback. 

Hope this helps! 🚀