Usage/Visibility of your help center.

  • 14 October 2020
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I'm the main person responsible for our help center at my workplace. When I look at the conversations that our support handles I often find that our users don't seem to know that there is something like a help center. We do link to articles in lots of marketing content, in product tours and added the search in the messenger. We even have a "Help" button in our product that links to it.

I also encouraged our support to send the fitting articles whenever possible.


Is there anything else that worked for you? Were you able to increase the views for articles somehow? Curious to hear some insights.


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Hello @kevin b​ , there several ways to teach customers to use help center.


1) You can add "Article Search " box inside the messenger, this will help users search before they start a new conversation with support.

article-searchTo do this, you need to add following app to messenger:

2) Turn-on suggesting help center articles for new conversations.

suggestarticle3) Start using resolution bot and turn-on "suggest answers before customers start typing".

resolutionbot4) Once the customer starts a conversation, send them a message: Our agents will be with you shortly, in the meantime can use our help center to find answers.

answehelpcenter(This is how Intercom done this).


If customers not fully understand the basic features of your product and don't even use Help Center, there also should be some problem with on-boarding.

I'm suggesting start using Product tours and step by step guide users about new/existing features. Start to analyze the most asked questions that are already in the help center. After that include them in product tours or during on-boarding.


Keep in mind that on-boarding is an ongoing process, you need to update them constantly.

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@roy s11​ We are doing all of those things, so I guess we’re on a solid path.

Just wondering about the fourth point you mentioned. Is this done with a custom bot or am I missing an option? It looks similar to the smart suggestions, which sadly only work for English customers right now.


@kevin b​ , Yeap, it's done by custom bot = )


Totally agree about the smart suggestion, Resolution bot also supports certain languages, hope this will be fixed soon :(  

The only thing is that we cannot edit that "Find an answer quickly" text to give indication that it's the Help Center. Here's ours - but they both go to the same place. We'd rather just have the ability to edit that text and get rid of the secondary, duplicative link. 2020-10-17_11-34-16


Hi @brian n​ , Agree with you, that's can also be a problem if someone uses Intercom in different languages.


This should go to @Product Wishlist​ .

Good Morning!


What are you doing in regards to marketing around your Help Center? We are the opposite, we don't have any Support chat, so it's up to me to really maximize our KB visibility.

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The only thing we are doing, if you want to call it marketing, is we are linking to our help center from the blog and our newsletter

@kevin b​ - That's what we do too, but we at least have a release cadence of every month to drive adoption.

One of the Intercom Representatives advised me last week that we should link to our KB from our marketing website, so we're looking at doing that soon as well.


Some other things that I've done at my current job and last job, we had it hard linked in our platform so that customers knew that they could always access the help center from a designated location. It's in our current left-hand navigation, and at my previous company, it was through our Support tab in the application, and lived with reaching out to the support team.


We do a lot of in-app popups as well, outside of our marketing cadence. Especially trying to drive our customers to our release notes.


Something we also did internally was adding the help center link to all of our customer-facing employee's email signatures. That way if customers email them for anything, it gives them an opportunity to self-service themselves by going to the help center.


Could you do a big marketing splash around your help center? When we moved to intercom, we wanted to do this, but COVID happened and our marketing team was focused on that instead. So much of my adoption has been through these methods I mentioned above. What's your internal adoption like?


Hey @leah l11​ , It's not only about linking.


You should use content marketing and teach them to use knowledge base, write good blog posts about:

- How to use the knowledge base

- Once you launch some new feature and made a blog post, insert a knowledge base link and use it as a resource inside the blog;

- Use Knowledge base inside webinars or Youtube videos. Like - During webinar staff use Knowledge base as a help material; 

Inside video tutorials;

- Reach customers in their free time with Facebook pixel and suggest some relevant articles/blogs read.

- Some platforms have a certification program, They give you a certificate once take some exams and attaches it to LinkedIn profile.

People interesting in this and start learning more about the platform and reading knowledgebase.


Example - If Intercom gave customer support agents some certificate, once they take an exam about knowing the platform and attach it to LinkedIn profile.

In this way, you are increasing the user numbers who know your platform well. The platform also gets famous when people starting to attach certificates to LinkedIn.