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I just wanted to know how other users get written feedback for their articles.

In the past we did have the option enabled where clicking 😞 started a chat. However we had to disable this because it acted as a backdoor for some to come straight through to support, skipping custom bots, and allowing users to start a chat that we wouldn’t want to be able to start a chat.

It was also an issue because our articles are not maintained by the same people who answer our chat queries. 

Ideally it would be great if users clicking a reaction on the article were then provided a comment box. Whatever they submit would then appear as a section in the editor view, and you could then scroll through all written feedback, and also see who had left it (like you can when you view who reacted to an article).




However this is just what I’d like to happen. I would be curious to know how others try to get written feedback for their guides so they can improve them, rather than just having to guess based on reaction scores.





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Hey @Oli Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


I love this idea, and totally understand the situation of users being able to “skip” the support line. That said, we do not have an in house feature that could take the Article feedback in a comment box. One workaround I think could work for you is enabling the Automatically start a conversation when a visitor replies with 😞 on an article in your Help Center feature again, but routing those conversations straight to an “Article team” inbox so they don’t go to your support team. Another option, if you don’t want to wait for the users to react to the Article, you could create an outbound Custom Bot that only triggers on the Help Center and asks for feedback, then within that Bot you can route the conversation to the Article team as well (you could also make this an inbound Bot if you’d prefer not to proactively reach out).


@Oliver Cook Interesting use case. Funny enough, I previously built a feedback product on top of Intercom that would allow you to collect feedback in convos. I think the best way to do this now would be to trigger a custom bot as the Intercom team mentioned. However, I think we could come up with something a bit better. Our app, Docs Fresh, pulls in all your articles and has a mechanism for internal feedback. We could just add a place to see external feedback as well. I can keep you in the loop.