Can I hide contact information from teammates?

  • 10 March 2021
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How can I hide the contacts details from agents. As we hire external temp agents, I would like to prevent agents from seeing the full names, emails and phone numbers of customers. Is this possible?


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Hello @user955โ€‹ย , Afraid, there no such option to hide user contact details.


If you hide customer details, how do operators solve user problems?

A workaround here, you can use Slack <> Intercom integration - There not so much information showed up.


My advice will be to make a good contract with temp. agents and give them the ability to see Customer Name, e-Mail, Phone.

Without this information how agents can handle customer issues or call them by name?

because i dont want to display the customer contacts. Agents are replying by chat, neither by phone or by email

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Just got the confirmation from the support that it is not possible to:

  1. Prevent agents to access the Contacts section
  2. Prevent certain user attributes to be visible to all agents...


I was expecting the 2nd is not possible (or that it is in some higher subscription plan) but not that the 1st thing is not possible - that's kind of an essential feature for privacy-sensitive services. You just do not want agents to browse through the whole user database and see all the attributes, all the conversations...

The issue is that they should only have access to the data from the conversations they speak to, not access to all the database

My opinion that lack of this feature is critical, as Intercom software is currently designed in such a way so that a single faulty support agent have enough powers to bring entire business down by disclosing confidential information he technically can not be restricted to access. We are currently looking to migrate from Intercom to a different solution which provides the required feature.

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@user1986โ€‹ย this thread is more than 18 months old. This is now possible under each user setting:


You mentioned a solution which is partial and probably works well for businesses with small cheques. Consider some of the customers Intercom users are serving pay ~$100K per month. Will you as a business owner allow your support teammates to be able to retrieve, store and share their contact details with anyone else? The answer is definitely no as no faulty process / employee / contractor / whatever should ever lead to a loss like this.


So above is not what we actually need and not what the original author of the post was asking for. According to information your support it is still not possible to hide contact information such as name and email or certain user data fields from teammates.

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You are right, this only partially covers the need of the OP.

The solution would be not to sync the unneeded data to Intercom, keep it in other system(s) that you must have.




Talk to Intercom about this and learn when it will be available, as I'm sure it will. Conversations are already taken care of (previous screenshot), also the Conversation data is taken care of (screenshot below), so I can assume that Custom Attributes and Events will be the next in line.



BTW, I will not comment on the way you are running the business as it is not related to Intercom. I can only say I disagree with it. In my professional life, I've seen Intercom being used by companies ranging from startups to multimillion ARR enterprises. Some of them had millions of users on Intercom and hundreds of agents.

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And a Disclaimer: I'm not an Intercom employee. My posts are reflecting only my personal opinions (not Intercom's) and are based on my extensive experience of using Intercom.