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  • 29 October 2021
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Hi, I just exported a few companies but there seems no way to reimport the company's, it's only possible to import leads and users.


Is there a way to import the the same data?

sadly there are alot of features, that are not available for companies.


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Hey @jeffrey h​, company data cannot be imported via CSV import. I'm happy to flag this as a feature request for you via our @Product Wishlist​ group.


For now, you can update company data via our API, using this endpoint;>

Hello! You can use Skyvia to import companies into Intercom: Skyvia is a 100% cloud tool for automatic Intercom CSV import with powerful transformations.


Hi Eric, just wanted to let you know this is frustrating. I just had a bunch of data entry done for some company data, and now I have to involve a dev to get it imported into Intercom.

Hi - appreciate this is an older thread, but does anyone have advice on best way to update Contacts to a Company enmasse?

So far I’ve learnt:

  • You can’t do mass updates via the API, just one by one requests.
  • You cannot update Company data via the User Import.

So is there any actual way to easily manage Contacts enmasse so you can assign them to a Company.

The only real way seems to be going through each contact one by one either with the User Interface or by API Calls.