If a user is tied to multiple companies, and one of those has an SLA (and the other two do not), and we have an inbox rule to route SLA as high priority, how does Intercom review the companies tied to the one user and ensure they are routed properly?

  • 26 January 2023
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For example, if a designer is working for three of our customers and therefore is tied to three companies in Intercom, and one of those is an enterprise customer with an SLA, we would want to treat the designer as part of the SLA. How would we ensure the routing works?


I can't see a way to create inbox rules stipulating that Intercom needs to review all the companies tied to this person and ensure they route them to our VIP box if one of the three companies is considered VIP.


Any help much appreciated!

1 reply

I discovered that segments might be the way to go. Assuming I have an attribute that defines the SLA (ie, billing plan name = premium), Intercom's company filters actually check all companies tied to the user. And if any one of the companies matches the filter, it will include that user in the segment.


I can then use the segment to create an inbox rule.


Is this the best way to address my issue or is there a better way to do this?