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  • 24 August 2023
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I have a need to cleanup my contact list. I would like to delete all current clients and import a new list. (we do not have an API integration and manually load clients)

My thought is:
1)Export the current list and save off.
2)Copy the export list to edit Contacts, Segments and Tags
3)Import the new entire list into Intercom

Can anyone tell me if this is the BEST way to accomplish this?




Best answer by Milan 25 August 2023, 16:35

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Hi @Kurt Stuart 


If you want to delete clients and there are too many of them that would not be too much to do manually… Hmmm.


But if there are not that many of them you can manually delete them (or archive them if you expect them to show up later). 

Read more here:


If you want to delete them all, that would be too much manual work I guess, so perhaps you could delete the whole workspace (but that will probably delete everything implemented, emails, settings etc...) so be careful with that.



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Hi @Kurt Stuart ,

Just adding on to @Milan ‘s response. His options are the only 2 ways that I can think of to do this without using the API. If you want to automate this process you will need to delete or archive those users via the our REST API’s /contact endpoint. You should be able to set up an App in our Developer Hub to get an Access Token.