Same custom attribute on people and companies

  • 31 March 2023
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In our intercom test environment we have the same custom attribute “x” on both people and companies to allow us to segment our customers/companies. When i try to create the same in our production env i am able to create the attribute in people, but when i try to create it also for companies i get an error “you can not create the atrribute “x” on companies since this already exists in people?


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3 replies

Apparently, they are using “Archive”. This does not delete the item, instead, well, archives them. So, technically, they are still there. You will have to create a different one if you wish to add something similar. Kind of frustrating to be honest.

Thanx for the response, but in my case i have not deleted the custom attribute from customer/people, i simply want to create the same attribute on both customer and company. 

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Hey @MMDev! Daniel from Customer Support Engineering here 🔧 


At the moment, it isn’t possible to give attributes the same name, even split between people and company CDAs. This is due to the fact that updates need to be made with unique attributes listed, and having two attributes with the same name would confuse the system. My advice would be to create the company version with a prefix like “company_”.


Let me know if you have any questions about this!