Updating company attribute with Zapier

  • 23 February 2024
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Hello brains trust!

I am trying to find an easy solution to take a property from Hubspot and put it into a Company Custom Attribute in intercom.

I’m using Zapier and everything is going well until I get to the “Company” in the action.
My flow is this:

Trigger: Property update hubspot.

Only continue if: property matches what I want.

Find company in Intercom.

Action: Update company in intercom - for “Company (Required)”, I point it to the “Company Id” from my find.

Then I get an error: Failed to create a company in Intercom
The app returned "missing 'company_id' parameter".


This exact workflow works if I were to tag a company, so the ID definitely matches up.

I’m at a loss - is this just not possible, or am I doing something wrong? Halp!


Thank you!!


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Hey @Mell! Just os you are aware, the Zapier is a third-party integration - so we don’t provide support on it, any issues with it you will need to reach out to Zapier themselves.

Since the issue you’re facing here is somewhat in relation to how Company IDs should be defined on Intercom’s end and that we’ll likely need some further details here, I’m going to pass this over to the team as a Conversation to take further action on this issue for you. You’ll get a response from us via the Messenger in your workspace 💬

Was there ever an actual answer for this?  Getting the exact same issue.

I worked this out with some help from Zapier support.

The answer for me at least is that the Company field needs to have:

Company Id$Name as the custom search term.  Both coming from the Find company step.  This is the format for the company id as Intercom sees it coming in.  You can check by looking at the company list of 50 (choose the first tab instead of custom) and see the format above.  The $ is key.