automate reply and create ticket when user send mail

  • 16 February 2024
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Is there a way to set an incoming email to specific addresses, into specific tickets?

for example, if the customer sends an email to our email, to automatically turn it into a billing ticket, but if they send an email to, it'll automatically turn into a support ticket?

As opposed to a normal conversation?

For example, when user send email to, intercom can automate reply and automate mark this request to ticket on intercom like this picture below



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Hi Lisa,


You can achieve this by leveraging a Workflow. 

  1. Create a Workflow with trigger: Customer sends their first message
  2. In the Workflow Trigger Settings, make sure to enable the Email channel 
  3. In the next action path, select “Branches” 
  4. Set up the branching logic depending on the Email to value
  5. Connect the correct branch to a new path by leverage the “Convert to ticket” action

The final result should look similar to the screenshot below.


Thank you for your answering.

But I still have some concerns

  1. How can I change the content of auto reply email. because when I set up it just showed to customer like this picture below:
  1. How can I filter type of email can be converted to ticket because all of email even spam emails are converted to ticket
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Hi @Lisa SaveDay !

The Email in your screenshot is a notification of a status update for a Ticket. It goes out to let your end user know that the Ticket status has changed. You can’t modify the design of that notification. Can I ask what, exactly, you were hoping to change with that Ticket design?


For your second question, you’ll want to set up your Workflow so it filters only for those contacts who you want to create tickets for. This could mean that you set your Workflow up to only go out to Users, for example, or have it filter based on the email address. For example, in the Workflow below I am using my Audience rules to target Users only. There is also a filter to prevent Users with a GMail address from receiving that workflow. You can set up that Email Rule to filter out for common email domains that are spammers.

If you notice that all of your spammers are coming from a certain country or two, you could use the filters to filter out those contacts as well.


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