Fin doesn't know that he is a member of the support team. Are there any workarounds until Intercom fixes this bug?

  • 3 July 2024
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There are actions that users of our app can’t do on their own and that they need to reach out to our support team to ask them to do for them. This is clearly stated in our help center articles, when that’s the case. 

So, now they reach out, and there’s Fin (who we call “Alvar”) trying to answer the question. Only, he tells the customer reaching out to him, that they need to contact the support team, which is what they just did 🤯.

See this example (i’ve got MANY more)

Surely, Fin should be thought that he is a member of the support team, and when he thinks he should tell the customer to contact support, what he really should do is to assign the conversation to a human and do nothing. 


Anyone experience the same issue? 

Any practical workarounds? 

What we do now is that we have humans monitoring the Fin inbox and jumping in, making a joke about Fin being a new team member and that he is not that good yet… Obviously not efficient (not to mention that Intercom will still charge us in this case, at least in teh email scenario)


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Hi @Henrik Lenerius -- Cam from the Intercom Technical Support Engineering team here 😁

Certainly keen to hear if any community members are experiencing this as well and what workarounds people may have found for this! 

Along with that, myself and the team would be quite keen to get some additional details from you on these instances where this is occurring to see if we can identify a solution to this for you! I have a feeling with some slight adjustments to a few Workflow settings and Fin AI Agent content source details we may be able to reduce the frequency with which this is happening, if not stop it all together. If you’re open to that please feel free to start a new Chat with us in Messenger and mention your post here so you’re routed appropriately and we’d be glad to look into this further for you 👍