How can I link related conversations?

  • 12 February 2024
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I don’t see a way to link related conversations, but I’m sure there’s a workaround that I’m missing. The use case is: two related customers reach out independently about the same instance of an issue. I guess I could use a tracker ticket that’s specific to that instance of the issue, but since a conversation can only be linked to one tracker ticket at a time, that means that the conversations then can’t be linked to a ticket that describes the overall issue (and all customer instances).


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2 replies

Hey @Blue Keleher 👋 Thanks for reaching out!

There isn’t an exact feature for what you’re after but you could potentially convert these conversations to Customer Tickets first and then link them to the overarching Tracker Ticket?

In the Customer Ticket, you can set up sub categories that captures the different customer instances and this would group them together. It won’t be the same functionality as linking them - for that I can flag it as a feature request for our team! 👍

Thanks for the suggestion @Shwe! We’ll try that for now.