Hyperlinks in conversations sent via email are not opening

  • 9 February 2024
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Hi there,

Starting from today, hyperlinks within conversations sent via email are not opening. When checking in element inspector, the targets are “_blank”:

When opening the raw email, the links are there, so we can use that in the meantime.

Links in conversations sent via the messenger widget are working as expected, so it’s only affecting emailed conversations.

Thanks for looking!


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4 replies


Intercom disabled links due to an increase in phishing attempts. I requested they re-enable them for our account, which they did. So, going forward, links in emails work again..


I assume you can do this as well if you are ok with taking on this risk (our team is ok with that because it would simply be too disruptive not to have clickable hyperlinks for our workflows).

Thank you Diana! I will get in contact to get this re-enabled.

i have the same issue starting from today

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Hi @AndyVerdy,

You should be able to control this setting in your Email Settings menu (see screenshot).