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  • 26 November 2023
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I find it fascinating that Intercom, a customer support company, has no support on weekends. My subscription expired on a Friday and I wanted to renew, however going through the renew process failed because the system said I already had an active subscription. This is a $1,000+ purchase.

Instead it’s been over 24 hours and still no response from Intercom. Luckily the purchasing glitch fixed itself after 24 hours so I’m now able to use the account again. But for 24 hours I was unable to respond to customers.

Intercom seems to operate like a legacy government agency with archaic work rules. Just a reminder there are many competitors out there offering similar products, often for 10% of the cost of an Intercom account.


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Hi @Andy!

I’m sorry to hear that you were running into issues renewing your subscription. Intercom does provide weekend support, but it is a skeleton team manning the inboxes on Saturdays and Sundays, and they aren’t always able to get to every conversation that comes in. I’m happy to hear that the issue did seem to solve itself. An issue has been opened with our product team around the experience that you ran into, so hopefully that won’t happen to anyone else in the future. We appreciate you bringing that to our attention! 🙏🏻

I can see that our team has responded to your original message. They should be able to get you squared away if you have any remaining questions for them! 


Hi Jacob, thanks for the reply. Intercom is a $1 billion plus valuation company; having a skeleton staff on weekends makes no sense when many online businesses run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is going on at Intercom?

What is going on at Intercom?

I have the exact same issue this weekend.  We’re going on 24+ hours with no way to respond to customers, and no help from Intercom customer service team.



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Hey @Andy 

My names Sean Reid, I’m a support manager here at Intercom.


Firstly I want to apologize for the poor experience with the pricing glitch. We're trying to make our buying experience far more straightforward even outside of any issues you had here. We genuinely want all of these processes to be a smooth experience for you. As Jacob said above we have put this forward to our product team immediately to ensure it doesn't happen again.


In terms of the length of time it took over the weekend we are always trying make our SLA’s and first response times better. We do currently work with a smaller group at the weekend but we in no way want this to affect your experience. Again, improving our response times is a major priority for us and we hope we can do better next time.


If you wish to discuss this further please know I am always here to do so as I want your Intercom experience to be the best it possibly can be.


Thank you so much.

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@help hey there!


I also want to apologise you’ve had to wait as long as you had as well - its not experience we want any of customers going through. Could you share with me your company details and I will make sure to get your conversation look after ASAP?