Set up content for auto reply ticket and filter email ticket

  • 19 February 2024
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Hi Intercom team,

I have some concerns:

  1. How can I change the content of auto reply email. because when I set up it just showed to customer like this picture below:
  1. How can I filter type of email can be converted to ticket because all of email even spam emails are converted to ticket. email I set up in forwarding email on Intercom just a alias email so how can I filter only that alias email can receive and convert to ticket

I’m looking forward to your reply!


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Hey @Lisa SaveDay! 👋  

  1. So at the moment, you cannot change the content of this automatic email sent after a Customer facing ticket is created. This would be considered a feature request - I’ve logged this with the team for you!
  2. Filtering the types of emails that get converted into a ticket can be changed in your workflow you have setup to handle this - you could add rules like “contains” and filter for common spam keywords your team encounters. You could set up something like the following in a workflow:

Hope this helps!