Trigger custom action when creates a new conversation from Intercom


Hi, i want to trigger a custom action when we are creating a new conversation from Intercom on this screen. Once we fill the email, we’d like to trigger a custom action and retrieve data from our API. We already are using that custom action on workflows. 
Is it possible. In the available actions, there isn’t the option “Trigger custom action” for this screen.




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Hi @Alejandro Narmona -- Cam from the Intercom Support team here. 

Great question, and a feature that would be great to have, however at present this is not possible. That being said I’d be glad to submit a Feature Request with our Product Development team for them to consider as they plan for the future!

If you’re able to provide any additional context around your use-case and specific features you’d like to see included I’ll be sure to add this to the FRQ 👍


Thanks Cameron, 
Our idea is before starts a new conversation, we want to retrieve some extra information from our API / Database. So it’d we useful to trigger a custom action on that page.
Is there any other place that we can trigger a custom action without having a previous conversation with that user/lead on Intercom?

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Hi Alejandro Narmona It’s Mat from the Support Engineering Team 😀

If you have this user or lead already present in the Intercom and you want to start the conversation with them and fill some gaps in the Intercom attributes.
You can run a custom action that will fetch data from your database as a reusable workflow straight from the Inbox window.
You can read more about it in this article.

Furthermore, you can send custom attributes in the Intercom installation snippet to populate them automatically upon user sign-up.

Please let me know if that was the answer you were looking for 😎


Hi Mateusz, the workflow didn’t work because, the idea is to have the user info before start a conversation, and there aren’t workflows that triggers on that condition. See the screenshots. This user exists on Intercom, and if you check any conversation the data is present. But when you want to start a new conversation from Intercom, the user data panel is empty.



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Hi Alejandro Narmona,

Well this is expected behaviour if you did not pass this information duirng your usiers sign up process.
Please refer to the article about Intercom installation that I’ve sent above.

If it comes to workflow, the reusable workflow has no trigger. It can be sent manually by your admins during the conversation.

In this case, though, the more suitable option would be to modify the Intercom installation snippet and pass this information in there.


Hi @mateusz.leszkiewicz , I’ve created the reusable workflow that triggers the custom action, but in that screen (New Conversation from Intercom). I wasn’t able to trigger that workflow manually. I also don’t understand the Intercom installation snippet you mention how that is integrated to my issue.