Any reco's on best way to create hierarchy structure for FAQ's. For example let's say you have a few dozen B2B clients, 50% FAQs can be viewed by all. 40% of FAQs can be seen by some clients, 10% FAQs are unique to single B2B client.

  • 8 February 2023
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Main goal is for a single point of data for all FAQs.


Secondary goal is to be able to quickly review, update, run through compliance, and create an internal WIKI for new hires.


I'm working with a clean slate so I can start my data structure from scratch. Thanks for any input


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Just wondering if @Cyan Cone 7​ or @user382​ would have any advice here 👍

Thanks for the nudge. 🙂

@craig w13​ Interesting question, I'd be happy to get on a call to understand the full picture to better provide insight.


But it sounds like this could be a good case for using the audience targeting functionality if it's about full articles that only would be relevant to that 40% or 10%


In some cases you might want to hide articles from everyone but the 10% because they aren't relevant but in other cases you would want them visible if they are needed by people considering upgrading etc... So I'm not sure if that fits your model.


You can add audience rules which would allow you to show an article to a logged user who has x in their customer attributes or on a specific plan etc.


Would that be helpful in this case?>



If we can jump on a call and walk through it, I will probably get a clearer picture of the goals and can help with a plan to implement if that sounds helpful feel free to reach out.