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  • 27 November 2023
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We have users accessing Fin directly from our application via a chabot window. Is there a way to make Fin accessible directly via Slack so users can ask their questions directly without having to be connected to our platform?


Paul N.


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Hi @Paul Noirel

When you say “users” you mean your customers, not your teammates who are accessing Intercom, right? 

If so, then the answer is “No, that’s not possible except perhaps with some custom development”. 

There is Slack integration for Intercom, however this is for your internal usage only, for your teammates, not for your customers. 

Thanks, @Milan.

You are correct, I meant my customers and not internal users.

Is there a particular set of APIs to interact with FIN? I checked in but I couldn’t find any specific endpoints (or I missed them...).



Paul N.

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@Paul Noirel 

So you want to tell me that your customers are on Slack with you? 

Sorry, but it sounds confusing - and I’m trying to understand the overall setup so that I can provide you with some good advice. 


Intercom API is used to read and write data to/from Intercom, when it comes to FIN that is actually a conversation that you’d be able to read and I believe you would be able to identify if the conversation is handled by FIN based on teammate ID (FIN should also have it). I’m not 100% sure but if you can read out at least one conversation data from your workspace that was handled by FIN, you will figure it out. 

The conversation documentation is here and you should be looking for data under admin_assignee_id 

Mind that you can not influence how the FIN is working through the API, I believe it has its own engine in the backend… And also, I believe FIN is agnostic to the channel as long as it is chat conversation (it can be web or mobile apps or WhatsApp/SMS even), so be aware of that if you make any custom work with Intercom API and Slack. 

Thanks @Milan, this is really useful.

In terms of architecture, some high profile customers can use shared channels on Slack. We would like to give them the option of accessing FIN to answer simple questions, based on the documentation.

I will run some tests with the resources you shared.

Thanks, again.