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  • 27 July 2023
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Hi! I was wondering if anyone has insight into what a good resolution rate for Fin would be? I know the marketing site for Fin says “Resolve 50% of your support questions instantly” - but is 50% the average that we should resolution rate that we should be seeing? We only just started our trial but are preparing support goals for the quarter and I’m not finding any information about this in the Help Center.


I would love to hear Intercom’s thoughts on what they see across their own Fin averages or an average across all companies who use Fin, but it would also be helpful to hear from anyone who may have insight into this for their own company.


Thank you!


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2 replies

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Hey @Kelsea 👋 Eden from the support engineer team here.

We don't have a concrete percentage to share for this, as the metrics depend on individual customers' setups, their volume, how well their help center content is written, etc. Generally, a good resolution rate starts at around 30-50%. Overtime, Fin will improve and become more robust using your help center. We have these best practices to go through to make sure your help center is in its best state for Fin.

Just for additional context, a resolution is counted if the customer clicks 'that helped' or does not respond to the answer and leaves the conversation without asking further questions. 👍

hey @Kelsea! I was browsing here at the community to try to find about market’s average AI metrics, and I found this topic.


I am still very interested to talk about AI metrics, in order to understand if my metrics with FIN are doing ok! Would u like to do a benchmarking about this topic? :D