How turn off chatbot content auto syncing?

  • 2 November 2023
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How do we turn off the chatbot content from auto syncing?  It appears to be doing it every week.

The situation for us is that we temporarily set our confluence wiki to public for initial import, to get thousands of content into the system, then we set it back to private. This works great to get all our content into the chatbot. But when it attempts to resync a week later, it all fails and all the content is now rendered useless. 

I’m sure their must be a setting somewhere to turn off each managed source from auto syncing, or at least change the frequency to something like 1 year.  But we can’t seem to find the setting, and FIN doesn't seem to know.  Perhaps maybe it has to be done on the back end. 

It seems like the most basic use case to just not sync imported content, so I’m hoping there is a toggle somewhere that I’m missing.  If not, then we’re pretty blocked from going to production and upgrading to the pro plan, as it takes hours to reimport the content, and we can’t do that over an over again each week. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 




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Hey @John Anastasio 👋 Eden from the support engineer team here.


I see that you connected with Support about this in a conversation, but I will add that response here as well! Here's how content synching works with Fin:

  • Fin syncs updates to Intercom Articles and Snippets immediately.
  • Fin syncs external content (public URLs) weekly, even if there's an update to the external content in the meantime. To re-sync immediately, you’ll need to remove the URL source and then re-add it.
  • Fin doesn't sync changes made to PDF files, you'll need to remove and re-add them if you make changes.

There is not currently a way to stop content syncing or limit it, aside from removing the content from being used by Fin overall. I can definitely see how this would be useful though, especially in use cases such as yours. I can convert this post into an Idea so that it has visibility in the Community Idea exchange as a feature request 🙏

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@Eden , thanks for the response. Unfortunately, we have tried to add pdfs, but they just don’t seem to work at all.   We have never been able to get the chatbot to respond with content from a pdf.  Support has verified the files look good. External content does seem to work though. 

I don’t really see any other way to move forward until resyncing can be turned off.    Open to other work arounds. 



Any other ideas? We’re just stuck. :( 

Hello, any updates on this?   We’re still blocked from using the pro plan and putting putting this into production.