If you are new to Intercom, here's what you should do... (my 5 cents)

  • 22 March 2023
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Hey Intercom Community, especially you - new to Intercom! 👋

As I’ve been through being new at Intercom a long time ago, but seeing the rate of the development it has, sometimes I feel new again, so I feel like I can share some tips on how to get onboarded quickly and efficiently. 


First of all, I’d like to start from this Community. At this stage of my Intercom journey it is the most important Intercom resource to me. Helping other people and solving their Intercom cases not just helps me sharpen my Intercom skills but also often spark some ideas on how I can achieve something with my own Intercom clients, that maybe I haven’t been thinking about it that way. 👍 I wish I have more time to be in here… Not that many service providers are putting so much effort in creating this kind of community like Intercom does. 


Besides the Community, usual starting point is Intercom Academy. Besides getting the Intercom certification there, you can find additional courses that will help you learning about specific areas of Intercom. And the content is being updated - I need some catching up to do there too. 


One more thing I like and that I try to attend as much as possible are Intercom Webinars (and any other online events). Make sure to watch some of the past ones and look for the new ones coming. I especially like the ones where the new features are being announced but I also find a lot of value in listening to some of the case studies especially if they are interactive and we can ask questions. 


Sometimes, even just browsing through the Help Center, which is constantly updated, helps me master the areas that I haven’t had that much chance to use in Intercom. Also, use your Intercom TEST workspace to play around without a fear that you’ll be doing anything wrong. The only challenge I have with it is that if I build something there I can not just move it to production but I need to rebuild it. 


And to finish up with some resources I made myself, feel free to check out my posts on Tips from Expert Users section, hope this helps:


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