Can I auto-tag users and/or conversations in Intercom?

  • 23 September 2020
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Auto tagging capabilities? Is this possible in Intercom, and what are the entryways for those automatic tags to be applied?


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@alexandra k​ , Yes, it's possible to build a flow that applies the tags automatically. 



When people visits some new features, Intercom can tag them automatically;

When Someone makes registration on your website and UTM_Source is "Facebook", Intercom can apply Facebook Tag.


It depends on how you will build it.

Hey @roy s11​ thanks for the heads up here. What would these best practices be for setting this up? Would love to adopt the Intercom happy path to reduce extra work and make things seamless.

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@alexandra k​ , Intercom series provides various templates and you can select one of them. 


If you share more details about your app or business, I Will be happy to provide more information on how you can use the Intercom series.  

A word of caution in case you have not yet upgraded to the "New Rules" - this upgrade changed some of the behavior for applying tags to Conversations so previously you could tag a conversation based on any keywords or phrases, anywhere in the conversation (making it possible to autotag based on Saved Reply used, for example), however, now the trigger events are more limiting:

Screen Shot 2020-09-24 at 1.41.24 PM

Thats unfortunate. Being able to tag based on using saved replies is super helpful. Thanks for letting me know @nicole j12ackson​ , I will have to dive deeper into this!


@roy s11​ Can you share an article regarding the limitations to tagging now with Series so that I can reference it from this feed moving forward?

For sure, it was a huge bummer. This was a large part of the automation we used and the best way to collect data on our conversations (the biggest reason for moving into a formal helpdesk/inbox). The new team of agents are confused and intimidated by the list of tags and when to apply them manually. I'd hate to have to manage a separate doc that contains a library of tag definitions for them to look up. There should be a support thread from me reporting this a few weeks back that the team could refer back to if needed.

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Yeah this stinks. Not sure why the feature would be degraded in any way without any prior notice. I'm sure the scale of this was insane, which is why they chose to pair it down to a few trigger events mostly from the user (not your team's responses), but that's still a bummer.

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There's one big limitation here. You can't auto-tag convos with Series, which is odd since you can auto-tag convos by setting up rules in the inbox and in bots. If you send any kind of message in Series, that should be a "conversation" and it would be really helpful to be able to tag those conversations.

@roy s11​ I think this is a perfect thread to reference and submit a feature request for. We would all really love to have the benefit of Series, but still have the ability to apply tags when using saved replies. Hook us up!

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Hey everyone, just wanted to jump in here to summarise the thread and provide some tips on tagging users and conversations.


To automatically tag users, I'd recommend creating a Series. It's possible to add action blocks in a Series to automatically tag users as soon as they match certain criteria.


To automatically tag conversations, you can create a Rule in Inbox to tag conversations that match certain criteria.