Desperate for help getting phone system, SMS, email, and fax systems up and running at 100%....

  • 9 March 2024
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Hello, please understand that I have a few big issues on hand here, so I will explain a couple items first, then you can reply, then I am normally prompt to reply back.


  1.  I am a small human rescue nonprofit.  My VOIP/fax/SMS provider went totally out of business 2 days ago; not one bit of notice.  Everyone tells me to go with Intercom all the way, but honestly, until today, I had never looked at a portal that has as many options as you.  Which is great, I am not complaining.
  2. Is there a kind person, community leader that would help me get these various service on board today, ASAP?  I cannot operate with no forms of communication available to my clients.  HIPAA compliancy is a huge thing and if my total communications package is doomed, then I have 48 hours to bring up an entirely new system - thanks to the many federal communications guidelines that are imposed on nonprofits like me.

Let me explain also that I am hearing impaired, so I am allowed to post a public email so people on this very board can communicate more fluidly with me; that email is,  I cannot hear the incoming signals so having this backup emaill thing to me is critical.  You can also send me 


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Hi @Erik Jon Dunwell ! Ebenezer here from Engineering Support👋.

I would suggest that you shoot a message over to our support team to get things set up quickly. We're here to lend a hand and get you sorted!

Just a heads up, though: We don't do fax services, so unfortunately, we can't help you out with that.