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  • 20 April 2021
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We use Intercom for chat & articles. Will a forum feature (like Interconnected) become available to us to purchase as well? (BTW - I did search, but couldn't find similar topics, so I apologize if this has been asked a gazillion times already).




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Hello @paul j12​ 👋, Welcome to Interconnect ✨


Intercom using Salesforce solution for Interconnect, I don't think that building community product in the nearest plans of Intercom.

You can for sure request this feature in @Product Wishlist​ group.


Meantime, I'm suggesting taking a look at some most popular community portal solutions:

  1. Discourse - It's free and used by Cloudflare, Amazon and etc...
  2. Circle - New start-up product with quite good design


The same question asked by Josh 2 months ago, I will also include the link to the following post:

Forum Like Capabilities


I hope this will be helpful 🙌

hey @roy s11​ , we would really like this function as well. Not so much for a community product, just so people can ask questions and answer questions similar to this 🙂