Time Zone-Based Routing Issue Impacting Customer Access

  • 11 August 2023
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We are currently facing a significant issue related to time zone discrepancies that is affecting customer access to our contact center services.

Our contact center is based in Melbourne, with operational hours set from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM local Melbourne time. However, due to the diverse time zones across Australia, customers from different regions, such as Perth, are encountering difficulties reaching us at suitable times. The time difference between Melbourne and Perth is approximately 2 hours.

To enhance customer experience, we urgently need a solution for dynamically routing customer interactions based on their local time and our operational hours. This issue significantly affects our ability to deliver efficient customer service to clients across Australia.

Your assistance in addressing this matter promptly is greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Selvam 

Jennifer here from Customer Support 😀

If you have multiple international teams in different timezones, you can add custom office hours that match each team’s timezone.

For example, if your app's local timezone is Los Angeles (Pacific Time) and you have a support team in New York, you can add office hours from 6am-2pm Los Angeles time (that's 9am-5pm in New York).

You can set custom office hours for a team in your Teams Settings.



Select a specific team to update, then choose their office hours.

Hope this helps!


Hi @Jennifer K ,

Thank you for your response. I appreciate your suggestion regarding custom office hours for different time zones, but our situation involves more complex time zone management due to customer interactions across various Australian regions. To clarify, we have a single support team in Melbourne that needs to handle inquiries from multiple time zones, including:

Australian Western Standard Time (UTC +8) - Perth

Australian Central Western Standard Time (UTC +8:45) - Eucla

Australian Central Standard Time (UTC +9:30) - Adelaide

Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC +10) - Sydney

Lord Howe Standard Time (UTC +10:30) - Lord Howe Island

Given this scenario, our challenge is to dynamically route customer interactions based on both their local time and our operational hours, ensuring efficient customer service.

Could you please provide guidance on implementing a solution for our specific case? This matter is urgent as it significantly impacts our ability to provide seamless customer support across various Australian time zones.

Thank you for your assistance.