What are the best metrics to use for passing/managing Sales leads?

  • 15 October 2020
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Hi Everyone,

Could someone give me some nice pointers on the best metrics on how our SDR and Sales Exec Team work together when it comes to passing/managing leads? Might be more subtle ones along with the obvious ones. Thanks!


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Hello @will n11​,


For managing leads, you should use some CRM software that will assign leads to teammates, track sales, leads and etc..


Pipedrive is a good start for small-medium size companies, it's easy to use and can be integrated with Intercom (via Zapier).


When a new lead comes to Intercom, you can create a deal in Pipedrive, there several ways of integrations.


Hey @will n11​,

imo it depends on your product. Do you already know how your ICP should look like - or do you even have one? If yes, then what about the Lead Quality.

A good categorization could be:

  • MQL (marketing qualified leads --> leads, that were attracted by your marketing efforts and that could be a fit regarding your SDRs)
  • SQL (sales qualified leads --> Already qualified leads by your salees, that mostly fit your product, but maybe there are some question marks about)
  • no fits (obvious)
  • ICP (ideal customer persona --> leads that are absolutely in your target group. Size, setup, MRR etc.)

You could also track numbers regarding different conversion rates to analyze no show ratios for your product demos and analyze what went wrong -> that will lead you to a lot of A B testing for sure 😅

There are countless metrics out there - the most important is to chose those, that fit your company / product / sales cycle the most

Best, René