What's your response time and how many employees do you have in your customer support team?

  • 25 August 2021
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Hi fellow intercom users!

I'm trying to find out how big our customer support should be for our growing business. It would be much appreciated if you could answer these questions:

  1. Number of FTEs in customer support
  2. Average response time
  3. Operating hours
  4. What industry you are in
  5. Approximately how many customers/users you have



Uno from Steven


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Hello @uno​ 👋


I will suggest a better way, to calculate how many support agents your business needs there is a formula called "Erlang Formula".


Which is so helpful to calculate agent number based on how many chats or calls you have.


There are also some online calculators based on following formula:>>>


I hope this will be helpful.


Let me know if you have some more question about calculating employee count based on Incoming chats/calls

Wonderful! Thanks so much for this 😊

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Thanks @roy s11​  - going to have a look at this later.

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@uno​ , @brent w​  Anytime, always happy to provide help 🙏


BTW - It will be so nice to see in Intercom reports, how many support agents you should add during peak hours based on Erlang Formula. @Product Wishlist​ 


Have a lovely day 🙏