Why is it a nightmare to change your Intercom plan? I don't want to talk to the "Sales team".

  • 15 December 2023
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Two weeks ago I wanted to segment my leads and add a Calendly integration, ok, I had to use the Support Pro plan for that, no problem. At that exact moment, I already wanted to upgrade. If there were a button to pay more and upgrade me I would happily do it immediately.

But no, there wasn't a button to upgrade; there was a button to "TALK WITH SALES TEAM".

How unbearable. I asked the woman to upgrade, but she wanted to make a sales call. Omg, NO! I don't want a sales call! I was already using the feature and just wanted to confirm my upgrade. "Please upgrade me, miss." My upgrade was not done.

The worst happened. 2 weeks passed, the trial ended. The feature I was using stopped working and disrupted my processes. And the UPGRADE hasn't been done yet!

I've been through two more salespeople, and still nothing. Seriously, what the hell is this?

Everything could have been resolved with the push of a button! But no, they did it by assigning me to thousands of sellers—a nightmare. I started thinking about upgrading, and now I'm thinking about canceling.

14 days and I didn't get what I wanted.

I already told the seller that if my upgrade is not carried out within 24 hours, I am canceling my subscription.


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Hi @Paulo 

I’m really sorry that your attempts to upgrade turned into such an infuriating process for you! That’s definitely not our aim! There are currently a number of different factors at play when choosing an Intercom plan so it’s not always as simple as being able to press a button, unfortunately.

That said, we are aware that this isn’t the best experience for our customers and we are currently in the process of trying to make situations like yours a thing of the past! I know that does very little to remedy the experience that you just went through, but our goal is to make the subscription and upgrade process much smoother for our customers in the near future!