Can I get notified on a mobile app when a visitor visits my site?

  • 8 November 2021
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How can I get sound notification on mobile app (iOS app) when a visitor comes on the website?

Or there is no such option, and I can only get notified when the visitor initiates the chat?


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+1, but this would only be useful if you could set the metric along the lines of "this is a VIP customer or user visiting my site, I wanted alerted" rather than every single user

We have a small site where every user counts. Potential sale is 3000-9000$ worth so and we sell on each 30 visits. So every users counts. Since admins didn't reply for this long and there isn't option do get alerted on a visit, I am cancelling the subscription now.

@user2470​ You could achieve that by using trackEvent on your website's pages where you want to get an alert, and then create an Intercom app listening to this event via webhooks.

I have just hacked something together, and even though the visitor is not listed within Intercom interface (that is, not until the visitor starts a chat using the messenger), the event is triggered. Then you do whatever you want when this event happens, including sending a notification / whatsapp / text message / etc.

This requires some development skills. If you don't want/know to do this, I'm sure you can find someone to develop this for you.

@user2470​ I agree with @joshua d​, this would mainly be useful if you can characterize the visitor, and decide who you want to open a chat with, rather than chat with all visitors (which could be a bot I guess?).


To go a step further: in your idea, what would you do once you get a notification that there's a new visitor? What would you do manually that you cannot already do using Intercom Custom Bot (e.g.