How do you embed videos and gifs in an email message?

  • 28 January 2022
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I've attempted to embed a video and a gif in email messages that are part of a series but have not found success. I copy and embed HTML code from the original video and gif site and then paste. I then paste that code into the message using the "Insert HTML" option. Unfortunately, nothing seems to work. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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2 replies

Hey @d'marquis​ 👋


Looking into this for you, I actually found that most email clients do not properly support embedded videos. Gmail, for example, will show them as attachments at the bottom of the message.


For this reason we don't allow embedding videos in Intercom emails.


Having said that, if you create an image with a video thumbnail and then add a hyperlink to the image, a click on the image will open the video in a new tab:

Hope this helps 😊

Hi there, following up the reply on this thread. 

How do I create an image with a video thumbnail to then add a hyperlink to the image?