iOS crash when user tap on recent message everytime

  • 30 March 2024
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Changing the translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints property of a UICollectionReusableView that is managed by a UICollectionView is not supported, and will result in incorrect self-sizing. View: <ICMDayTimestampDividerReusableView: 0x14a07f060; baseClass = UICollectionReusableView; frame = (0 0; 0 0); layer = <CALayer: 0x28380cb20>>

*** Assertion failure in -[NSLayoutConstraint _setSymbolicConstant:constant:symbolicConstantMultiplier:], NSLayoutConstraint.m:669

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'NSLayoutConstraint constant is not finite!  That's illegal.  constant:nan firstAnchor:<NSLayoutDimension:0x282305040 "IntercomSDK_ITBAnimatedImageView:0x14a0959b0.width"> secondAnchor:(null)'

*** First throw call stack:

(0x1887da678 0x180a57c80 0x187d38d38 0x1a8f86ab0 0x1a8f866f8 0x1a8f865f4 0x10625f680 0x10625f2fc 0x10625f180 0x1062c9ecc 0x106216778 0x106295944 0x1062173fc 0x1062175f0 0x1061a4958 0x106176fa4 0x106176b6c 0x106177208 0x18ab62e48 0x18ab62c20 0x18aa64854 0x18aa64744 0x18ab8a6e0 0x18ab8a304 0x18ab89c10 0x18aa4b9c0 0x18aa48b48 0x18a9956f8 0x18a94dc04 0x189d607ec 0x18a950cb4 0x18ab23648 0x10616e950 0x10616e9a0 0x18ab8e994 0x18a951344 0x18a962f54 0x18a92c4a0 0x18a92c13c 0x1a8f88514 0x18a92c064 0x18a92acac 0x18b0c48b4 0x18a92cabc 0x18a92c6b4 0x18a92c13c 0x1a8f88514 0x18a92c064 0x18a92acac 0x18b0c15c8 0x18a95ccf8 0x18b0c1068 0x18aa42704 0x18b0c0b74 0x18abac258 0x18abac1cc 0x18abac130 0x18aaf3ef4 0x18aaf3784 0x18b010c68 0x18aa33510 0x18aa32c08 0x18aa32b6c 0x18a94dc04 0x189d607ec 0x189d60374 0x189d66860 0x189d5fb80 0x18a9c5f54 0x18a9c5a4c 0x18a9c513c 0x18a9c51f8 0x1887250ac 0x188724328 0x188722adc 0x188721818 0x1887213f8 0x1cbcd74f8 0x18ab478a0 0x18ab46edc 0x18ad71598 0x104c75c90 0x104c75c08 0x104c7c014 0x1ab48adcc)

libc++abi: terminating due to uncaught exception of type NSException


Here is the crash message, and I can repro it 100% of the time when tapping on recent message. The intercom framework is Release 16.6.1. Thanks!


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Here’s the crash trace:


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Hey @ilikebluesky 


Thanks for sharing all the details above. This will need further investigation on our end, so I have escalated this with the Support Engineering team as a conversation. You will receive a reply from them in there as soon as possible. 👍