Series is a great upgrade, but SO many essential features sill lacking

  • 25 September 2020
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Here's my initial list:


  1. Ability to cross link between Series. For example, when someone completes a series, be able to send them to another series.
  2. Ability to use links/buttons in a message to branch to multiple next outcomes. For example, if user clicks button A they go to tour A; if they click B they go to tour B.
  3. Ability to create tags that are assigned to users based on specific actions within a message (i.e., not just "clicked a link" but according to which link they clicked.

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2 replies

Hey Mark,

I'm Shwaytaj, Product Manager for Series. Thanks for sharing these points - all good points.

On 1: We're working on this right now and this will be available in a couple of weeks time. A workaround for this right now is to use tags to tag users in a Series and then use the tag in the rules for another Series.

On 2: While we're not actively working on this, we hear you on this and it's something we'll definitely think about.

On 3: This one is interesting. As I understand this you would like to "Create" tags on the go within Series , and it needs to be based on the specific link they clicked in a message. Is that correct? Curious to know how you would use this and what the problem you are trying to solve!

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Thanks! #1 would solve my initial. problem, as I could then just create links in a welcome message to ascertain which kind of onboarding best fits a user, and send them directly to that series.


My overall use case is this: Our platform does a lot, and not all users need all our functionality. Usually what they need is based on their role within an SEO team (are they an analyst? a content creator? a link builder etc.). So what we want to do is in a welcome message ask them to choose from one of several use cases or roles, then customize which onboarding Series they get. So that could be accomplished either by linking them directly to a specific series or by assigning them a custom tag by which we could filter them for the appropriate series.