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  • 11 October 2023
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Has anyone else encountered that when writing a Series and you click “save”, Intercom pops up with a red banner with an error message (and any attempts to save after that will result in your series being deleted, despite appearing as “successful”)? 


Wondering how I can avoid this problem in the future, or if anyone has found a workaround! 


Best answer by Shauna 20 October 2023, 10:56

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3 replies

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Hey @ashley.smith 👋🏼 Shauna here from Support! 

Is this something that happens continuously for you? When trying to save a series; it doesn’t work? This might be something we need to have our CS team dig into for you.

Get back to me here, if you’d like me to open a conversation with them for you 👌🏼

@Shauna It’s happened a few times in the past - support wasn’t able to determine a cause. 

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Hey @ashley.smith 👋🏼 Thanks for the context - I’m going to open a conversation here for you to speak with support. 

Having someone look into this would be good as we would like to prevent this from happening as I’m sure it can be a pain 👀 

Someone will be in touch as soon as they can! 


‘Context’ - will update ‘best answer’ with information on if there was a ‘root cause’