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  • 29 September 2023
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The red badge is not showing when I publish a new news item even though is set the switch on that says "Show a badge on the Messenger Launcher"


Best answer by Jennifer K 3 October 2023, 15:55

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3 replies

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Hi @Kjartan Valur Þórðarson 

Jennifer here from Intercom 

We do not show the red dot for News on a user’s first visit to the News feed, this is to mitigate the case when there could be a long feed with last item published a month ago, that is not really worth the user’s attention. After a user visits the feed for the first time, we show the red dot for all subsequent news items.

Was this the first time this user account would have accessed the News Centre? 🤔

Thank you @Jennifer K 

It would be nice if I could decide if the red dot appears right away. There are a lot of customers that don´t even notice the intercom plugin and probably never will because of there is no red to indicate there is something to show.

I am facing the same issue, another thing to add here is that the UI in which you create the news item allows you to display a badge on the launcher. It does not give any disclaimers and I think this is misleading since all other types of content options do actually allow you to decide wether to show the badge or not. There must be more people facing the same issue and I think that this problem is counterintuitive. 

I also contacted support who told me that showing a notification on the badge itself is not even possible, only within the messenger on the ‘news’ tab. Is this true? This would mean that the slider within the news creation UI is false.