uploading and managing email templates

  • 19 February 2024
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I know this question was asked elsewhere, but the link in the answer goes to page which details how to manually edit a template but not to upload one.

What I’m hoping to achieve is that we store our email templates and blocks in a repository such as Gitlab, so they are version controlled, and then automate their upload via API to Intercom as part of our merge pipeline.

Is this even possible? And if so, is someone able to direct me to the documentation for this please?


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Hey @mattpando 


There is currently no option to create or edit email templates outside of Intercom UI. So the only way to create/edit templates is possible via manual action on UI like the help center article which was shared on the above thread also mentions.


It would definitely be a great feature to be able to upload templates via API. I will go ahead and submit a feature request on my end internally so hopefully this will be something our team can consider in the future. I’d also recommend sharing your idea on our product wishlist page here.


Hope this clarifies your question 😊