When will smart campaigns be deprecated in favour of Series?

  • 18 September 2020
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When exactly will Campaigns be deprecated and replaced with series?


On top of that, are rules from existing campaigns copied to series in exactly the same way?


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Hey @vladimir m​ 👋


We won't be completely deprecating campaigns for 6 months. In 3 months' time, however, you will no longer be able to create new campaigns, but your existing campaigns will still function normally.


When you migrate a campaign, its messages are copied into a new series where you can simply connect them for the same messaging flow, or take a moment to optimize the campaign with Series’ additional capabilities.


Your campaign’s goal and exit rules are also automatically copied to the new series.


Important: Reporting stats will start from 0 on the series, but you’ll still have access to the stats from your campaign.


The existing campaign will stay live until you have completed the migration process so there’s no interruption for your customers.


When you’re happy with your new series and set it live, the campaign will ‘empty’. This means any customers currently in the campaign, will finish it without entering the series. Any new customers who would have entered the campaign will enter the series instead.


Thank you so much for your prompt and detailed response.

Another question if I may.

I've noticed that when copying campaign into series, a new rule is added

Do I understand this correctly, that this tag should not be removed; otherwise new users will end up both in the campaign and series?

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You're 100% correct there!