Are there any plans for conversation data points to have data dependency from other data points?

  • 1 February 2023
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In Salesforce, there are ways to create Categories and multiple sub catergories to these data points. So lets say you have two categories: Category 1 and 2.


In Category 1, you have the option to choose from X amount of options. When you choose one option, it will show specific data points to choose from in Category 2.

The reason we are looking for this is to have more consistent data chosen in Intercom while also offering more data to choose from. We would love to have more specific data chosen in drop down lists but don't want to add too much to them right now as it just becomes too much to choose from.


Just curious if there's been any demand for this.


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Hi @alex m16​ 


This sound interesting! I am wondering the custom reports of intercom is similar to this in your opinion? In which you can choose different filters for each graph, and customize it.


Maybe. The main ask is to have a configuration in the conversation itself so that the combinations of data you choose actually relate to one another. So it allows for better organization, more accurate data being chosen, and better granularity.


So for our companies use case, we have a data point called Type, which could be a bug report, outage report, feedback, how to question, ect. We would then want the choices in Product Area to change depending on what you chose in Type. Conversation Data

Hey @Alex M16 , did you ever find a solution for a dependency field like this? I’m looking to do something similar, thanks! 


Hey @Alex Feibleman 

No, I never found a way to do this. Would be a nice feature but there isn’t a great way to do it. You could do something around having different teams to show different data points I guess, but it would get messy quick. 

Good luck trying to figure something out though 👍

@Alex M16 Agreed definitely would get messy quick. Thanks for the help!