How to Open Recent Chat Instead of New Conversation in Intercom

  • 25 January 2024
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Currently, in our android app is configured such that whenever a user clicks on the Intercom button, it initiates a new conversation.

This setup, although functional, is not ideal for our users who often return to continue previous discussions. 

How can we modify this so that clicking the Intercom button opens the most recent conversation with that user instead of starting a new one every time.


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2 replies

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@coinedOne technologies  For your use case, you will probably find it more optimal to disable the setting to prevent replying to previous conversations if you want the user to continue a conversation.  Currently they may not have that option after it’s closed and in that case their only option is to open a new conversation.  

Even though this doesn’t change the behavior for opening a new conversation, I think you’ll see this will help with your goal. 

You can learn more about this here - Prevent replies after you close a conversation

Hope this helps!

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Hi @coinedOne technologies !

It sounds like your team has your Android app set up to open the Messenger to a new message. You can control what space is shown on button click via the intercomSpaces method. You can have it open to your Messenger’s home, help center, messages, or tickets space!