Intercom2 not a function error with messenger sdk

  • 8 July 2024
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EDIT: I’m silly and missed the most obvious thing. Turns out the import is different for Remix apps.

import should be this:
import {Intercom} from '@intercom/messenger-js-sdk';

I’m embedding the an Intercom messenger onto a Remix (react) app. Just following along with the installation instructions it states that I should place this snippet in the client side code of the Component. I’ve done this so far, the snippet looking like this:

import Intercom from '@intercom/messenger-js-sdk';
export default function Home() {
            app_id: 'app-id-here',
            user_id: …,
            name: …,
            email: …,

        <h1>Test Component</h1>

However, when this component is rendered on the page, it causes this error to be thrown:
TypeError: Intercom2 is not a function

I cant seem to find a reason for this besides something from the Intercom function not working correctly
Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!


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Hi Sam Walkerz It’s Mat from the Support Engineering Team 😀

It looks like there is an issue with the implementation of the installation snippet into the app.

I would highly recommend looking at this guide on installing Intercom in web.

We also have a brand new way of installing Intercom via NodeJS.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this 😸