'showNews' buggy behaviour

  • 4 December 2023
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In our web application, we’re trying to display a specific news items based on button clicks using Intercom(‘showNews’, 1234). We’re currently facing an issue though as soon as we try to open two different news items (by clicking on each button one after the other). When we do this action, the first news item will somehow be cached and displayed again. Then no matter which button we click, the first item will always be the one displayed. We’ve tried to call Intercom(‘showSpace’, ‘news’) to see if it would solve the issue but to no avail.

You can reproduce it by going on and running the following in the console:

Intercom('showNews', 31822)
Intercom('showNews', 28469)

Could you help me here ? I believe this might be a bug.


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Hey there @Yohan Robert 

I just tested that out and confirm that this appears to be a bug. Thanks for letting us know about that!

I’ll open up an issue with the team about this so they can dig into it a bit!