Spam Conversations from Messenger on Public Website

  • 31 January 2024
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Hi All, 

Hoping someone can help or provide some direction as how to prevent SPAM bots starting conversations on our Intercom Messenger on our Public Website.

We have the Intercom Messenger on our Public facing website (Visitors/Leads)

When someone starts a conversation they need to provide Name, Email and Contact Number (which they do). 

However, the conversation is SPAM.  The email and phone number are fake and the message is generally “How do I register?”  or most recently “Where may I find a food bank” or similar.   The phone set to USA number.

The volume of these messages is increasing and we want to prevent them as it is causing issues when our marketing automation runs and the emails just bounce back. Sometimes we get replies with exactly the same original conversation message  “How do I register”, “How can I book a appointment” etc. 

Is there a {I’m, Human} tool for Messenger when it is public facing?  Or dose anyone have any other ideas?

Thank you all in advance. 





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Hey @Kurtis Meyer 👋 Bernice here from Intercom.

There’s a couple of steps you can take to prevent spam coming through in your Messenger:

  1. ​Hide the Messenger for specific locations: If spam messages are coming from a certain geographical area, you can hide the Messenger for people in those locations. Target "Show the Messenger launcher" to "Country is not [specific country]" (for Visitors and/or Users), so it only shows in locations that are not that country. You can use country, region, city, or continent code.
  2. Require an email for new conversations: Enable "Require an email for new conversations" in your Messenger settings. This will require Visitors to enter an email address before starting a conversation. While it doesn't completely prevent spam, it helps cut down on bots and less engaged spammers from starting conversations.]
  3. You also have the option of blocking any users that have been sending spammy content to your Help Desk, more on this in this article from our Help Center 📌